What To Do If Your Car Overheats This Summer

August 10th, 2021 by

Men looking at car engine because it is overheating

Your car engine is designed to perform at its best at a specific temperature. An extreme deviation from this temperature, either upwards or downwards (hot or cold), can affect its functioning. In summer, engines tend to overheat because of an increase in temperature.

Summer may not be the only reason, though. A leak in the cooling system, issues in the car’s radiator fan, a clog in the coolant hose, or a damaged water pump may also cause engine overheating.

Signs of Car Overheating

  • The temperature indicator on your dashboard shows an increase in temperature.
  • Smoke-like steam emanates from under the hood.
  • An odd smell comes out from the engine area.

If you take appropriate safety steps as soon as you notice these signs, then you can prevent irreparable engine damage.

Switch Off the Air Conditioning System

Doing so reduces engine stress in keeping the AC system running. The engine can cool off faster. Open the windows as the next step.

Switch on the heater, so that heat from the engine gets transferred to the cabin. While you may feel uncomfortable indoors, consider it as a preventive measure to stop excessive engine damage.

Stop the Car in a Safe Place

Pull your car to a safe place and switch it off for about 15 minutes. This gives the engine enough time to cool. Monitor the temperature indicator on the dashboard. The pointer should return to normal as the engine cools down.

You could call a friend for help or seek assistance from a service center nearby.

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Use Coolant

If you are carrying coolant, then fill the tank with the liquid. This trick will work if your engine has overheated due to a low coolant level. If an issue in the water pump or radiator fan is causing the problem, then this solution will not work.

Start the Car

If towing assistance is not available, then try restarting the car after giving the engine sufficient time to cool. Monitor the temperature indicator as you restart the vehicle. If it shows an increased reading, then switch off the engine and retry after some time.

What should you not do when your car overheats?

  • Avoid getting panicky. You can handle the situation better with a calmer mind.
  • Do not keep driving even after noticing the signs of overheating.
  • Do not immediately open the hood after stopping the car. You run the risk of being burned.
  • Address the underlying issue that caused engine overheating to avoid future problems.

Regular maintenance can help prevent engine overheating due to any reason.

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