Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain

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Driving in heavy rain is dangerous, but sometimes you have no choice but to brave it anyway. The good news is that with the right amount of preparation and careful driving, you’ll be able to reach your destination safely.

If you need to drive around in West Islip, NY, in heavy rain, then use these tips to stay safe and avoid accidents.

Driving Safely During Heavy Rain

It’s dangerous to drive in any amount of rain. Even drizzling rain, over time, presents challenges of its own. But driving through heavy rain is especially challenging. The reduced visibility due to the constant stream of rain hitting the ground is a common cause of accidents while driving in the rain.

Here’s how you can stay safe while driving in the heavy rain:
Only go out if necessary: Avoid any trips that can be taken another day. This includes fun and recreational trips, visiting friends and family, and similar outings. Only go out driving if there’s an emergency or unavoidable event.

Check Your Car Carefully

Before you leave, you need to check to make sure that all your car’s parts are working properly. Look especially at the headlights, the taillights, as well as the windshield wipers. These are the three parts you’ll need most in heavy rain. Don’t drive if any of these need to be repaired.

Check Tire Tread Depth

If your tire doesn’t have enough tread depth, this could cause your car to skid in the heavy rain owing to reduced traction. During the summer months, you’ll need a tire tread depth of 3mm to drive safely in heavy rain. In winter months, your tire tread depth should be 9mm.

Keep Headlights On

Heavy rain always brings reduced visibility. That’s why you need to keep your car’s headlight and taillights on. That way, the cars around you can see you. Remember to dip the beams on your headlights. Bright lights will get reflected off the water on the road, and this could further affect your visibility. Also, remember to never use fog lights in heavy rain.


This happens when your car loses traction while driving and starts to skid. It can happen if you accidentally drive over a puddle, or on slippery areas. If your car skids, stay calm and take your car over the accelerator slowly to try to regain control. Don’t use the brakes. Only after the car has slowed down should you lightly press down on the brake pedals.

Keep Your Car Ventilated

Heavy rains can make the inside of your car very humid and cause condensation as well. Using the air conditioner is enough to resolve this problem.

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