What Are 3 Deal Breakers When Buying A Used Car?

Unless you can recognize deal breakers, you could end up burning your fingers when you next go out and buy a used car. Just like people have certain reservations in life like not dating smokers or staying away from asbestos, so must you identify and pay heed to deal breakers when buying a used car.

Remember that you have to factor in much more when buying a used car than just its price. Here is a look at 3 deal breakers that should make you walk away from a used car purchase.

Low Mileage Trap

The first thing you should be wary about is a low mileage on the odometer. Even if the odometer shows a low figure, it does not necessarily mean that the vehicle in question was driven for those many miles. The owner may have fitted a new odometer, and in this way, he or she is trying to fool you into thinking the vehicle is a low-mileage vehicle. The practice of winding back the original odometer is referred to as a ‘Haircut’.

So, make sure you check whether the reading is genuine or just dressed up. You can tell if the reading is genuine by looking at other factors. For example, if the vehicle has holes in the carpet or if the pedal rubbers are worn out, you can safely assume the odometer reading has been dressed up. It is better to walk away from such a car.

Low Price

When buying a used car, you may be tempted by the low price. Cheap cars always attract a lot of buyers, but is this the way to go? These cheap cars also may not roadworthy, and that is why they have such a low price tag. Be wary of cheap cars.

Damaged Vehicle

Third, it is normal for people to crash their vehicles. So, you want to make sure you don’t end up with a vehicle that has been involved in a serious car crash. It, therefore, pays to check for evidence that the vehicle has been involved in a major car crash. You can tell this by checking the paint. If the colors don’t match, then you should consider this a deal-breaker. Also, inspect the window rubbers and the lower portion of the wheel arches to see if there has been some over spraying. This indicates a patch job and should warn you to walk from the deal.

Now that you are aware of these three deal-breakers, go ahead and check out our Empire CDJR of West Islip dealership in West Islip, NY. We also serve the cities of Brightwaters, North Babylon, and Bay Shore. 

Source: Jeep