3 New Year's Resolutions For Your Car

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When we make New Year’s resolutions, we often consider things like getting more exercise, saving more money, making travel plans, spending more time with kids, and more. How many of us actually include our cars into our resolutions?

You likely use your vehicle every day to get around the city. It’s probably working well, which is why you haven’t included it in your New Year’s resolutions. But the old adage 'prevention is better than the cure' holds some value here.

By taking some preventative steps, you can avoid unnecessary expenditures and heartaches with your vehicle later. Without further ado, here are three New Year’s resolutions to consider for your car:

1. Make car maintenance a priority

Keep up with your car’s maintenance appointments to ensure it runs smoothly. At a maintenance appointment, the oil is changed, the air filter is cleaned or replaced, the tires and brakes are checked, and more. These are all necessary safety steps to keep your vehicle in top condition and further prolong its lifespan!

2. Learn basic car maintenance

As a driver, it’s important to learn a few car maintenance skills yourself. Begin with small items, such as replacing windshield wipers and filling the winter-washer fluid. Then proceed to other items, like checking the tire pressure and oil or changing the air filter. Learning to care for your car tire is another valuable trait you should equip yourself with!

3. Put the brakes on distracted driving

What is distracted driving? It means driving and doing other unnecessary actions at the same time. These include the following:

- texting

- answering the phone

- constantly changing the radio station

- posting on social media accounts

- searching for something in the car

- engaging in self-grooming

- drinking/eating

These habits take your complete attention away from the road. Did you know that nine people lose their lives every day due to distracted driving? This is a preventable statistic. If you’re prone to any of these habits, it’s recommended you make focused driving a priority.

Keeping up with vehicle maintenance, learning basic car maintenance, and ending distracted driving are three important New Year’s resolutions that you should consider.

Source: Chrysler