Learn About 2020 Model Year Safety and Technology Terms


Learn About 2020 Model Year Safety and Technology Terms

The model year 2020 is an exciting time for the automobile industry. You can expect to see several new safety features and technologies offered as add-ons or as standard features in all MY 2020 cars. Here’s a quick look at what we at Atlantic CDJR expect, and you can expect to.

More driver assistance systems
While self-driving cars won’t be the rage by 2020, driver assistant systems will be a common feature in vehicles. More radars in the blind spot assistance system – both in the front and back of cars – is one of the capabilities you can expect. You can also expect more from automatic braking.

360 vision specifically for drivers
Rear-view cameras have made it big of late, and they seem to be a feature that drivers appreciate. But the new 360-degree view cameras are a super hit, and we hope to see more of that in the MY 2020 automobiles.

Night vision
Does this sound straight out of an action-adventure movie? If you didn’t know this, the night vision is on the market and is an available option for high-end vehicles like the Mercedes and BMW. But it’s still too expensive to make it standard or even optional with all cars. We might see night vision become an available feature in at least a few cars rolled out in MY 2020.

Adaptive cruise control
This feature has been around for a while now and is standard in some cars, but what we expect is to see more cars offering it as a default offering in all top-of-the-line variants and hopefully even in base models.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication
Wi-Fi technology could make it possible for vehicles to communicate with each other. By transmitting your vehicle’s location, the transmission would also be able to recognize surrounding cars. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication could be used to warn you of impending danger.

So there you have it – the most anticipated and awaited 2020 model year safety and technology terms that you should be aware of. We expect this to be an especially exciting year for the automobile industry, and we can’t wait to see what it offers.

Source: Jeep