How To Start And Stop A RAM Hybrid Car

New RAM eTorque Mild Hybrid Technology, unveiled at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, which improves fuel economy and provides instantaneous torque delivery, allowing for higher payload and towing capacities. Here’s how to start and stop the systems if you have a RAM hybrid vehicle. But first, we’ll fill you in on what a RAM hybrid technology is and how it functions. Contact Empire Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM if you have any further inquiries, and we’ll be happy to help.

What is RAM eTorque Mild Hybrid Technology?

Ideal in a world where gas costs are always trending upward, the new eTorque Mild Hybrid system available on the RAM improves fuel economy without compromising power, torque, or capacity. These cutting-edge pickups are an integral element of both the dependable Pentastar V-6 and the unrivalled HEMI® V-8 powertrains, yet they don’t call for any special effort from the driver. The conventional alternator has been replaced by the new RAM Mild Hybrid system. The motor generator unit, which is driven by a belt, performs a number of tasks.

How Does a RAM Hybrid work?

The hybrid engine in a RAM automobile can be powered by either gasoline or electricity. The gas engine helps get the vehicle going and provides additional thrust when driving or accelerating. The gas engine is used for higher speeds, while the electric motor provides power at lower speeds and when stopping. The hybrid system of a RAM vehicle may seamlessly transition between gas and electric power. The electric motor will provide propulsion even while the vehicle is stopped, such as at a red light. At higher speeds, the gas engine will take over from the electric motor. The fuel efficiency of the RAM hybrid system is improved above that of a gas-powered vehicle. Emissions can be lowered and gas mileage increased by the usage of electric power.

The Benefits of Hybrid RAM

You can save money and save the planet by driving a hybrid car. Some of the perks of owning a Ram hybrid are as follows:

  • Decreased pollution levels
  • Enhanced Fuel Efficiency
  • Enhanced strength and vigour
  • Instead of letting the energy escape as heat, a regenerative braking system saves it in the battery to be used later by the electric motor.
  • To conserve fuel and lessen pollution, gas-powered vehicles are now equipped with start/stop technology that turns them off while the vehicle is in park.

How To Start And Stop A RAM Hybrid Car

  • For Engine Start/Stop Operations
  • Turn the key in the ignition or stop the car.
  • Put into neutral immediately.
  • Take your foot off the brake and the accelerator.

There you have it, the proper way to activate the starter and the brakes on a RAM Hybrid. Feel free to contact us at Empire Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram with any further inquiries you may have regarding hybrid vehicles, and if you’re in the market for a new RAM vehicle, browse our online inventory right away!