How To Set Chrysler Tire Pressure

Chrysler have deployed two separate Tire Pressure Monitor Systems (TPMS)  on the same vehicle platform in 2004 until 2022, one for vehicles with AWD and another for those without. If your Chrysler  have the TPSM, here’s how to set your tire. If you still encounter problems with your Chrysler, don’t hesitate to contact Empire Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram service department for any issue or if you’re in the search for a brand-new Chrysler, contact our sales department and we will provide the best financing options for you.

How do Tire Pressure System (TPSM) Work?

Before the Wireless Control Module can be programmed with the unique ID numbers of each TPMS sensor, a static relearn operation must be performed via the vehicle’s information centre display, and then each TPMS must be activated in turn. When activating the TPMS sensor, the tool for the TPMS should be held on the tyre near to the valve stem rather than directly over the TPMS sensor itself. When a code is successfully loaded, the horn will sound an alert.

What is the Best Way Reprogram the Chrysler TPSM Systems?

A scan tool or a tool specifically designed for the TPMS is the most effective approach to reprogram the Chrysler systems. Not only is it quicker, but having the option to ensure that the system has been reset might save your business from unwanted thing returns.For example, when dissimilar metals come into contact with one another, galvanic corrosion can occur, which can result in a drop in air pressure. Using a scan tool or a TPMS tool is another way to diagnose broken sensors and weak batteries in a vehicle.

How To Set Chrysler Tire Pressure

Get the tyre pressure in all of your tyres up to the recommended level as listed on the Vehicle Tire Placard. Remember to take air temperature into account when calculating.

  • While using the electronic vehicle information centre, you will need to keep pressing the MENU key until the RETRAIN TIRE SENSORS-NO message appears.
  • Keep pressing the STEP button until the word YES
  • To select YES using the MENU button, which will cause the display to read TRAIN LEFT FRONT TIRE, press the button.
  • Position the activation tool over the valve stem of the left front tyre. It is necessary to keep the tool in its current position for around five seconds, or until the alarm goes off.
  • Proceed with the method for the other sensors in the following order: left front, right rear, right front, and the spare.
  • When all 4 or 5 sensors have been reset, the message TRAINING COMPLETE will appear on the electronic display of the vehicle’s information centre.
  • If the message TRAINING ABORTED shows on the electronic information centre of the vehicle at any moment, you need to move the car forward by at least one foot and then continue the operation.
  • To finish the procedure of resetting the electronic driver information centre, press one of the following buttons: MENU, RESET, STEP, or C/T.

If the system is not retrained within the specified time, learn mode will be cancelled, and the operation will need to be redone for each tyre.