How To Change Chrysler Headlights

If you’re driving down the road at night and suddenly your scope of vision isn’t very well-lit, it might be because your car’s headlights are out. Headlights are one of the most vital parts of the front of your car. If you drive at night or during inclement weather, your vehicle needs working headlights. Your safety and the safety of others are at risk if you don’t use your headlights from evening to dawn. Failure to use headlights may also result in a ticket and a driving course requirement. Safety and optimal visibility are just a few reasons why it is vital to have two working headlights.

Follow this guide on how to change Chrysler headlights at home.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Read the Manual

In your owner’s manual, you will find specific information on changing your headlight and choosing the right bulb for your Chrysler car. It is important that you buy the appropriate type of headlight for your car.

Step 2: Purchase New Headlight Bulbs

In order to ensure equal road lighting, both headlights need to be replaced at the same time. Usually, there are separate bulbs for high and low beams in the headlights, so figure out how many bulbs you need. Consult your local Chrysler service center about the bulbs that would work best for your model of Chrysler.

Step 3: Locate the Headlights

Firstly, ensure your safety by turning off your car and taking the keys out. Look near the front of your car, under the hood, for the headlight holder. The power wires for the headlight bulb need to be disconnected. Light bulbs usually have three wires attached to their bases. You need to push down the clip or cap that holds them in place.

Step 4: Remove the Old Headlight

Each model of Chrysler slightly differs from one another. On some models, you can reach the bulb right away, but on others, you have to remove the inner fender to get behind the battery or air filter housing. However, if you can open the headlight, you can easily replace the halogen bulb. Unlocking the bulb requires knowing how it is locked in and being careful not to damage it. It will be necessary to take out the entire headlight if the clips are broken.

Step 5: Install the New Headlight Bulb

Take the bulb apart gently and then reassemble it without putting your fingers on the glass of the bulb, while screwing. Oil and dirt on your hands can lead to a burst bulb. Close your car’s hood. Now that the new bulb has been installed, your headlights should be good as new.


You may consider running off to your local repair shop when something goes wrong with your car. But replacing headlights on a Chrysler certainly does not require an ace mechanic’s expertise. By installing your own headlight bulbs, you can save yourself some money. Follow the above guide on how to change Chrysler headlights all by yourself.