If you love Jeeps, you probably know its endurance and timelessness despite the fact that over eight decades of its history, Jeep has changed its corporate owner several times. Interestingly, while Jeep has undergone improvements, its core strength of endurance has remained unaltered. Some of the very old Jeep models still retain their core value and continue to be in demand. 

Jeep Willys MB (1941-1945)

This model is the one that Jeep started out with. It can be defined as adventurous, creative, and rugged. This...continue reading

The world of motoring is rapidly transforming with ever new models coming by the day. Sports cars often considered beyond a common mans budget now have several options within the $25,000 budget. Thats amazing. 

The Best within the Budget

The best sports car essentially comes with a very powerful engine. You must also look for a functional interior thats not bereft of convenience features. It is possible to buy a sports car that packs the essential features of performance, engine, and interior design for $25,000...continue reading

Brief History

To know the benefits of the Jeep, its really important to know its history too, at least in brief. 

The term Jeep was a U.S. Army slang used for calling new recruits or vehicles before 1940. The vehicle gained importance during the Second World War, and it went into mass production in 1941 per the requirements of the U.S. Army for the light Military 4x4, then termed as the World War II Jeep vehicle. 

The Jeep is the oldest four-wheel drive 4x4 to go into production during the World War II era. New...continue reading

Unless you can recognize deal breakers, you could end up burning your fingers when you next go out and buy a used car. Just like people have certain reservations in life like not dating smokers or staying away from asbestos, so must you identify and pay heed to deal breakers when buying a used car.

Remember that you have to factor in much more when buying a used car than just its price. Here is a look at 3 deal breakers that should make you walk away from a used car purchase.

Low Mileage Trap

The first thing you should...continue reading

The 2020 Jeep Wrangler has made its debut as the latest Jeep vehicle for the company and a brand-new addition to the Wrangler model line series. This year's Wrangler model comes with an optional V6 mild hybrid engine for one of its trim levels.

Drive your dreams with Empire Jeep

The performance system starts with a brand-new engine, four-wheel drive train, and six-speed manual transmission. It can generate 295 horsepower and up to an impressive 260 pound-feet of torque. When it comes to fuel, the 2020 Wrangler...continue reading