With air and train travel, along with cruises, not a possibility this year because of the coronavirus, many Americans are planning to go on a good old summer road trip instead. This is a great way to explore and travel, while bonding and spending quality time with your family, friends, or whoever you are going on the road trip with. 

To make sure that you stay safe on the road during your summer road trip, here are a few essential tips that you can follow.

Make sure your vehicle is well-prepared 

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Are you looking to buy a new vehicle for you and your family? Perhaps you are looking for an SUV with incredible off-roading capabilities or a crossover that provides comfort, convenience, and strength. Well, look no further than the Jeep SUVs and crossovers at Empire CDJR of West Islip!

Jeep is a brand known for the unique strength, sharpness, and rugged appearance of its SUVs and crossovers. Its extensive range of vehicles ensures that there is a Jeep for everyone, no matter what your requirements may be. Take a...continue reading

Although the 2021 Jeep Gladiator is categorized as a midsize pickup truck, it is clearly not your usual truck. It comes with a 5-foot cargo bed, making it the only convertible truck that is available on the market today. 

The Jeep Gladiator is the perfect vehicle for both off-roading and exploring the wilderness, as well as for towing and hauling. So, for those who are looking for a truck that can do both of these, you have to look no further. 

What can we expect?

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The Dodge Ram name is synonymous with quality trucks, but they weren't always associated with each other. As early as 1917, Dodge was busy producing trucks. But in 1981, everything changed when Dodge and Ram came under the same banner to produce pickup trucks. 

Today, Dodge is known for its high-performance cars, while Ram is known for its pickup trucks. Both these brands fall under the Chrylser group of vehicles. 

The Story of the Dodge Ram

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For a long time, Chrysler has been known in the automobile industry as a brand that offers luxury vehicles at much more affordable prices than other luxury automobile manufacturers. The brands line-up may be limited, but this actually helps it to put as much effort as possible and create cars that manage to capture the imagination of car enthusiasts around the world. In this blog, well go through Chryslers current vehicle line-up, along with the latest models in its vehicle roster.

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